Google Analytics Bug 4 ‘Now Change Of Data In Graph Is Also Non-Existent!!!

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In my earlier post I highlighted a bug in Google Analytics where we cannot export more than 500 results using the conventional “&limit=” method and in this follow up post I covered a work around for that flaw while also highlighting the major differences between both the methods. Continuing with our series of blog posts on “Bugs in Google Analytics” here’s a bug which results in data changes not getting reflected in the graph after application of filters.

Data filtering is a very important factor as far as performance of the SEO campaign and its analysis is concerned, whether it is filtering out traffic sources or understanding how many visits the website is getting via brand v/s non brand keywords etc. In the new analytics interface although we do have the option of filtering the data it is not reflected in the graph of Google Analytics.

Data for Brand + Non-Brand

Data for Brand + Non-Brand

As seen in the above snapshot, the report does show the keywords data as it used to show in the old analytics interface which includes brand as well as non brand terms.

Only Non-Brand Keywords

Date For Only Non-Brand Keywords

However when the filters are applied (as shown in the above snapshot), the data changes in the table but the graph does not change and shows the same number of visits. What does this mean for all analytics users? It simply means that we will have to export all the results and manually calculate the visits or the metric under consideration. Talk about some tiring and unnecessary work!!! :)

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