“&LIMIT=ERROR” – How To Export More Than 500 Results In Google Analytics

GA Bug

In the earlier post, I had mentioned a bug in the new Google Analytics Interface. But here’s the good news… Turns out that there is a workaround for our problem :)

Instead of adding the “&limit=” parameter, we can change the number at the end of the URL which is generated when we select the number of rows from the drop down menu. For example the URL that is generated after selecting 500 rows in the keywords report will be of the format ‘https://www.google.com/analytics/web/#report/trafficsources-organic/a1163212w2103286p34252451/_.date00%3D20100801%26_. date01%3D20110409%26explorer-table.rowStart%3D0%26explorer-table.rowCount%3D500‘. The portion which is highlighted in red needs to be modified and can be replaced with any number less than or equal to 50000.

We can then export the results in CSV format. One change that needs to be noted is that the “&limit=” method did not make any changes to the GA interface or the way in which the data was displayed. However with the new method we do see the keywords (or the metric selected) within the GA interface itself. Also since the data is visible in the interface itself it simply means that larger the number of data columns that we want to see greater will be the time taken for the page to load.

As seen in the snapshot given below, I can see all the 2000 keywords in the GA interface and at the same time can export these results as well –

Extracting more than 500 Keywords from the New Google Analytics Interface

Extracting more than 500 Keywords from the New Google Analytics Interface.

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